5 things you should always expect from exceptional customer success...

Joe Probert
by Joe Probert
5 things you should always expect from exceptional customer success...
Customer success has been a cornerstone of Vevox's approach since we first started – most of our first hires were Customer Success Managers!

So, what exactly does Customer Success do? Well, for us it's about taking a strategic and proactive approach to ensure our customers achieve their desired outcomes with our awesome product. 

In the past, customer support was reactive - customers reached out when issues cropped up. However, in recent years, the focus has shifted towards proactive support. Here are five things you can expect from customer success here at Vevox: 

1. Onboarding and implementation support  

Our cheerful Customer Success Managers (CSMs) guide customers through the initial stages, providing onboarding and implementation support. They make the setup process a breeze, answer questions, and offer training - ensuring a smooth transition and successful adoption.

2. Ongoing relationship  

Customer Success is not a one-off event; it's an ongoing journey. Our CSMs build lasting relationships, becoming the dedicated point of contact within Vevox. Regular communication, addressing concerns, and providing support throughout our association are all part of the friendly ongoing interaction. 

3. Product education and training 

The Customer Success team at Vevox provide continuous product education and training. Through webinars, educational resources and training sessions they ensure customers have a thorough understanding of our products features. They also share best practices and ideas that they’ve picked up along the way.

4. Customer advocacy  

Think of our Customer Success team as champions for our customers within Vevox. They represent the customer's voice, working collaboratively with other departments to ensure feedback and requests are not just heard but also addressed promptly. They act as a friendly bridge between customers and the company.

5. Monitoring key metrics  

Our Customer Success Managers are like your diligent guardians, closely monitoring key metrics to track customer success. Usage data, adoption rates and other relevant indicators are all under their watchful eye. By analyzing these metrics, they identify areas for improvement and proactively address any issues that may arise. 

At Vevox, we're not just about providing a product; we're your partners in success -  ensuring a positive experience throughout our journey together.