The 6 Best AI Polling Tools for Learning Engagement

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Ben Waugh
by Ben Waugh
The 6 Best AI Polling Tools for Learning Engagement

Audience engagement is a key aspect of any successful presentation or event. Thanks to advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), presenters now have access to a wide range of AI polling tools that can help them capture real-time feedback and enhance audience interaction.

In this blog, we will explore some of the top AI polling tools, including Vevox, Pollfish, Tiny Wow, Survey Monkey, Microsoft Forms, and Startquestion, and how they can take audience engagement to the next level.


Vevox is an AI-powered polling tool that focuses on creating interactive and engaging presentations. Its user-friendly interface allows presenters to design polls, quizzes, and surveys in real-time. With Vevox's AI functionality, presenters can run generate polling questions instantly based on a topic or some text you enter into the polling bot. The polls will be automatically generated and created into the platform, saving you time to come up with the perfect questions and to program them into any polling system. The tool also offers features like word clouds and rankings to enhance data visualization and analysis for presenters live in the moment. 


Pollfish is an AI-powered polling tool that offers a unique approach to audience engagement. It allows presenters to create surveys and polls that integrate seamlessly into different solutions. The AI within Pollfish provides accurate and timely insights by targeting specific audiences and capturing responses instantly. This tool is particularly useful for mobile surveys and reaching a wider audience to collect data trends from. 

Tiny Wow

Tiny Wow is an AI-based polling tool designed to create interactive and engaging presentations. With an easy-to-use interface, presenters can create live polls and surveys to capture feedback from their audience. This tool's AI algorithms provide real-time learnings and graphs enabling presenters to understand what went right or wrong in the session. 

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is an AI polling tool that allows presenters to create surveys and polls for capturing feedback via post or pre-session. It offers a wide variety of question types, customizable templates, and real-time data analysis. With its AI capabilities, Survey Monkey provides insights and trends based on audience responses, helping presenters make data-driven decisions for their presentations from the feedback. 

Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is an AI-powered polling tool that seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft applications. It allows presenters to create surveys, quizzes, and questionnaires with ease. Microsoft Forms' AI algorithms analyze responses and provide visualizations and analytics for presenters to gain insights from. 


Startquestion is an AI-based polling tool that enables presenters to create survey polls. With its intuitive interface, presenters can design interactive questionnaires and surveys.  Startquestion's AI capabilities provide real-time analysis and reporting, helping presenters determine the effectiveness of their presentations and make adjustments, if necessary so the impact of their survey polls can really make a difference in future presentations. 

Evaluating the right AI polling tool for you

AI polling tools have become indispensable resources for presenters seeking to enhance audience engagement and capture real-time feedback. We've listed just a few examples of the top AI polling tools available today that will allow you to create polling questions instantly and to analyse trends or learnings from your data.

Each tool offers unique features and AI capabilities to create interactive polls, surveys, to capture responses, and provide real-time analysis for presenters. By leveraging these AI polling tools, presenters can not only gain valuable insights but also create more engaging presentations that resonate with their audience. Whether it is capturing feedback, running instant polls or adjusting presentations on the fly, or analyzing audience responses, these AI tools can take audience engagement to new heights. So, give these top AI polling tools a try through free trials or accounts and elevate your presentations to a whole new level of interactivity and impact.