Our key tips for evaluating your internal communications strategy

Internal Comms

Ben Waugh
by Ben Waugh
Our key tips for evaluating your internal communications strategy

Executing an effective employee communication and engagement strategy is a challenge for many organizations, let alone those that work with a dispersed workforce, which brings with it a unique set of additional considerations for HR and internal comms managers. Whether you’re reviewing your existing employee engagement landscape or creating a new internal communication strategy we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you navigate this daunting task.

Before taking any action, the first step is to evaluate the current employee communication strategy (if you have one). If you don’t have an official strategy in place then evaluate the communication activities or methods you currently use. It is best practice for managers to review the current methods in which they communicate with their employees and to alter any hindrances. Evaluating your current landscape and infrastructure will help you to understand what needs to be improved and gives you a starting point. 

Below is a snippet from our Essential Checklist for Internal Communications. Download the full checklist as a PDF here

 Assessment of your current IC plans

1. When planning future comms projects assess your current methods, processes and technology to determine if they need updating.
2. Review past feedback and employee surveys to judge what communication methods are working well or not so well.
3. Create a detailed report on what needs to be implemented to improve your employee communication challenges.
4. Establish the groundwork/parameters for making actionable plans and what needs to be covered in the “planning meeting”.

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