RAID 2017 - How technology can amplify levels of engagement and insight

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Mark Beilby
by Mark Beilby
RAID 2017 - How technology can amplify levels of engagement and insight

Europe’s leading Conference on the nature, scale and impact of technological change, known by the acronym RAID, was held in Paris at the Palais de Luxembourg and the Centre Georges Pompidou between March 13th and 15th.

120 Business and Government leaders attended and the Speakers included Jean Pierre Raffarin the Former Prime Minister of France; Wu Lebin, the Chairman of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings (the ultimate owner of Lenovo); and Maria van der Hoeven, the former Minister of Education, Culture and Science for the Netherlands. Senior Executives from Cisco, EDF and Rockwell presented on the pace and impact of technological change alongside some of the leading academics in the spheres of Robotics and AI.

GQ Magazine described it as “an impressive gathering designed to debate an altogether different power shift. One that will be delivered not by Donald Trump or Nigel Farage but by robotics, artificial intelligence, the internet of things and big data.

Vevox participated in a debate as to how technological innovation can amplify levels of engagement and insight. This debate specifically addressed a global Education system that is undergoing rapid tectonic shift. It was discussed how enabling technology such as Vevox gave the reticent the means to voice their real opinions. It was advocated that real-time assessment tools allow lecturers to gauge the level of student understanding instantly. By immediately identifying and addressing any knowledge gaps, lecturers can then adapt their lessons to the real needs of each student, helping to keep them engaged. Interactive technology, therefore, fosters dialogue and enables students to speak their mind.

The debate was widened to embrace the notion that technology which enhances the level of understanding is a societal force for good. This is important when fear of others’ knowledge of us, facilitated by technology, is intensifying. Social media keeps a close record of “likes” and activities. Drones fly overhead. Cameras record invisibly. Data is collected. But, if we start to fear the consequence of others' knowledge of us, then a Dystopian future does indeed beckon. Harmony is founded on comprehension. Insight guides us from confusion and suspicion to understanding.

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