Show them they're valued... a history lesson from the 90's

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Peter Eyre
by Peter Eyre
Show them they're valued... a history lesson from the 90's

It feels like I went to University yesterday, but as I share tales of Blur vs Oasis, pagers, Windows 3.11 and Diamond White with my millennial colleagues, I see their eyes glaze over as if I’m subjecting them to a family viewing of Downton Abbey complete with  "ooh we used to have a Mangle/Ewbank/Butler like that…" commentary from their parents.

Things HAVE changed, and whilst yes, some old tech can still ‘do the job’, up to date options are now both expected and can offer SO much more. Workplaces have to be more attractive than ever to bring in and keep top talent, higher education is a bigger investment than ever. Gen Y are looking for validation and value for their choices and they WILL share any opinions through their far reaching social channels. What impression and experience do you want to offer your employees or students when they choose you? 

Born out of office discussion, here’s our 9 concepts that are already inconceivable or incomprehensible to our Gen Y’s, despite being the absolute norm less than 20 years ago. A bit of fun, but also quite confronting…

1. Pagers
Beep, beep… Are you a Doctor?
Yes! Er no, just my Mum asking if I have enough CoCo pops and am I enjoying access to such a large library!

2. Maps
On paper, requiring a compass or vague sense of direction to get the right way round, just to work out where you are (‘geolocate’ oneself). Traffic report from mate in car ahead with CB radio…10-4.

3. Dial up modems
I need to use the phone but it sounds like it’s engaged to R2D2…
Sorry… wait 10 minutes, I’m just downloading a picture for a project (and feeling like Mathew Broderick in War Games).

4. Cigarettes
No batteries, inside the pub, the lounge, the car, all perfectly normal… and I don’t even smoke. 

5. Disks, tapes, zip drives
Put some tunes on would you…
Sorry, Long Wave Radio 252 only, the stereo’s eaten my tape.

6. Camera films
Got some awesome new photos… from a month ago.
Cool can I have a copy?
No, sorry I lost the negatives.

7. Phone calls
Like speaking to someone...  without prior notice, on a phone tied to the wall, with a big curly defibrillator wire attached, with parents listening, after 6pm only! Let’s face it even a genuine SMS text is old hat these days. 

8. Bashing the television
The picture’s flickering, give it a bash…
Bash.. sorted! Like, actually sorted!

9. Dedicated MP3 players
Shocking but true, local files?! No other function?! Old hat...

So, as your students or employees walk into your training room or lecture theatre, or perhaps engage in their first employee comms meeting, think how they might feel being presented with, or worse still being asked to PAY for a Clicker Polling device to take part. How might this reflect on your institution or brand?

Whilst it’s understandable that organisations might be in this situation, it’s not OK anymore to carry on offering old tech with so many options available. This is why in February 2017 Vevox declared its amnesty to help… #ClickerAmnesty
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