Top ten reasons customers LOVE Vevox for Live Polling and Q&A…

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Peter Eyre
by Peter Eyre
Top ten reasons customers LOVE Vevox for Live Polling and Q&A…

Ok, this may look a bit self-indulgent, but if you’re in the process of deciding which is the right tool for your live voting and Q&A then perhaps the words and thoughts of our customers, in handy ‘Top 10’ format, might just help.

Rather than focus on the reasoning behind using an engagement app, this article aims to provide a straight answer to the question our prospective customers rightly ask… ‘Why should I choose you?

So, here’s what they have to say…

10. No downloads required

Our HTML app is simple to access, requires no refreshing to show live results and boasts an elegant, uncluttered user interface, pleasing all from techies to technophobes! Minimum hassle, maximum adoption.

Mayo Trustpilot Review - Vevox Q&A

9. Ready to use content

So, you’re all set up and ready to go but… What are you going to ask your audience? Writer’s block is common, especially under pressure. Vevox clients shared this as an issue and were delighted when we responded by including ready to use audience polling questions and surveys that can be imported in a single click.

 Vevox Trustpilot Review - meeting interactivity

8. Simplicity

Sounds obvious but adding features and functionality whilst maintaining a simple to use and intuitive product can be a challenging balancing act. Our clients tell us we do a great job here, whilst maintaining a close guard! No product release webinar or Beta feature feedback session passes without users reiterating the message that simplicity is key to the value.

Vevox Trustpilot Review - "easy to use"

Vevox Trustpilot Review - "improved comms"
Please note: Prior to 21st March 2019, Vevox was formerly known as Meetoo.

7. No boundaries… or broken backs!

No hardware… No downloads*. Yes, it’s 2018 and some organisations are still using Clickers!! Yes… they were good for their time, but so were dial up modems, VHS and your trusty Nokia 6310!! Vevox banishes the associated logistics, costs and most importantly the isolation of remote attendees to history. 

Vevox Trustpilot Review - "engaged students"

*Whilst Vevox has the option of native apps and PowerPoint integration, the entire system from meeting control to participant app can be run through a browser. This removes any need for software installations which might be a barrier to use for some organisations or devices.

live polling - switching screens image

6. No switching screens…

Whilst it would be nice for every meeting to have an AV tech, backups and fancy switchers reminiscent of mission control at NASA… the reality is meeting organisers often need to run their meeting/presentation from a single laptop. Changing windows and focus via the tool bar or by ‘Alt/tabbing’ ups the risk of the dreaded ‘technical issues’ and red faces.

Enter Vevox ‘Presentation View’… Still at beta status as we fine tune the final feature set but already a crowd pleaser! Presenters can show polling results, Q&A boards and word clouds as you would expect from any audience display, however they can also control polls and moderate Q&A boards from the same screen. No switching, super slick.

5. Our native apps

Our web app is perfect for easy, instant access to a session, or integrating into another app. For some that’s all they need, but there are situations where a native app (Downloadable from the App store or Google play) can offer advantages. Particularly where Vevox is being used regularly within an organisation or for very large-scale events (Our largest to date was 100,000!!)

Like our Web app, these apps can be branded and themed in just a few seconds. Organisations such as eBay have taken it to the next level by having their own fully ‘branded instance’ of Vevox in the app stores.
Vevox Trustpilot Review - "great product!"

4. Word clouds

Presentations, classes and reports are all regularly enhanced by the use of Word Clouds… the ultimate instant infographic. Vevox word clouds are super powerful as the content is crowdsourced and the results immediate. Now also available to run through our PowerPoint Polling add in.

Vevox wordcloud example - Donald Trump

A recent example sent to us by a presenter putting the inbuilt profanity filter to the test!! 

3. Trust and security

In the wake of the GDPR frenzy this gets bumped up to the number three spot! GDPR compliant, working towards ISO27001 accreditation and having assisted many a client in jumping the through the various hoops required by most organisations, we ‘get’ this stuff and take it seriously so it’s one less things for you to worry about. Here’s all you need to know.

2. PowerPoint Polling.

Genuine conversation with a potential competitor/potential partner just 2 weeks ago…

Partner: ‘Yeah, we kind of have a PowerPoint integration for our live polling app already, it’s ok.’

Vevox rep demonstrates Vevox PowerPoint add in. 

Partner: ‘Er, ok, I take that back, we really don’t have a PowerPoint Polling add in…! Let’s talk’

If running your live polling app from PowerPoint is a requirement, Vevox simply cannot be beaten (big statement I know, but this is what they say!). Download for free to try it or drop us a line to arrange a demo.

Vevox Trustpilot Review - "fantastic product"
Vevox Trustpilot Review - "great integration with PowerPoint"
Vevox Trustpilot Review - "Excellent app"

1. Customer Success… ‚Äč

Our philosophy is to understand our customers desired outcomes and provide both the product, and every bit of assistance and support required to make those desired outcomes a reality. Not every feature in this list or feature of the product is vital for every situation, but the flexibility of the platform, resources and support ensure our customers achieve their goals, time and time again.

Customers have choice, an alternative is a google search away, their success is our success, so that’s our focus.

Vevox Trustpilot Review - "helpful people"
Vevox Trustpilot Review - "Great experience, great price"

Well there it is, the current Top 10. If you’re not already using Vevox or would like to compare it to your current solution you can get a free account here, which gives you access to all features, or book a short demo to explore your key requirements and see it in action.

We’ll let Jayme sum up…

Vevox Trustpilot Review - "outstanding service"