Vevox Declares an Amnesty for Clickers

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Peter Eyre
by Peter Eyre
Vevox Declares an Amnesty for Clickers

Vevox, a global leader in real-time audience engagement, has declared an amnesty for ‘Clickers’ the outdated numeric keypads otherwise known as audience or student response systems.  It is offering to help declutter Clicker-using organisations, disposing of unwanted handsets ethically. The first 100 to respond will have the opportunity to replace their clickers without charge with the equivalent Vevox licences. 

Peter Eyre, Vevox CMO, explains: “Although they have had their day, Clickers can now be a nuisance – they have to be distributed and collected and transported from room to room and can easily go missing. You need to have enough for the maximum number of participants, but this could mean holding far more than are actually needed. Also, they can’t be used remotely and the batteries have a limited lifespan. This all seems cumbersome and unnecessary when most students or business people carry a smartphone or other device which can be used.”

Eyre continues: “From what we hear, many Clicker users are looking for a more up-to-date solution and as lock-in terms, leases and warranties expire, they are seeking one that reflects the way students and other audiences expect to interact and engage in the modern world.”

Vevox can be downloaded onto smartphones, tablets and laptops or accessed via the web to provide live polling, Q&A sessions and discussions with the results provided instantly. It enables audiences to share ideas, add likes to comments and give feedback from their smartphone. Optional anonymity encourages everyone to get involved and share their thoughts.

Clicker owners wanting to upgrade to Vevox should email in the first instance. Vevox will then confirm where they should send the Clickers. In return, they will be provided with the equivalent or greater number of licences, enabling them to provide sessions to at least as many participants and in at least as many concurrent sessions, meetings or lectures for 12 months .

Also included in the amnesty is a free one-to-one webinar or other consultation to help customise Vevox for their individual needs. 
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