We weren't asked to make a speech at the Bett awards...

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Peter Eyre
by Peter Eyre
We weren't asked to make a speech at the Bett awards...

… and rightly so, we would have been there all night and we had a dancefloor to hit! At the Bett Awards ceremony on the 24th January, Vevox was recognised with the coveted Bett award from the education community for Further and Higher Education Digital Services.

The awards dinner was a fantastic night with the buzz in the room, smiles on faces and spring in the steps of the award recipients as they approached the stages speaking volumes about what these awards mean. There was simply no need for long speeches, however had we had our Oscars moment, here’s the 5 points we would have covered…
1.  Our clients are awesome. The lecturers and learning technologists embracing and advocating Vevox are at the heart of this success.  Vevox has evolved into far more than an app and a platform. We have a community of progressive and innovative educators forging the path to better engaging students and improving learning outcomes. Thank you ALL for your continued engagement, ideas, and openness. These webinars provide an example of what we mean. 

2.  The talent and drive of the Vevox team is the engine behind this and every other success Vevox is currently enjoying. We are VERY proud of this team and you all deserve this award. Thank you.

3.  Did Robbie miss the memo about black tie?! Well, he raced to London from an event in Manchester that day, arriving late and thought he could melt into the background… and then we won!!

4.  This award and the judges feedback mean A LOT… The awards ceremony saw 32 awards presented across a broad range of education technology categories. For each award shortlisting, the awards categories were judged by experts in detail including viewing case studies, testimonials and trialling the actual product. The judges feedback confirmed that we are fulfilling our brand promise to transform learning…

“The judges said that this service allows for interactive and innovative approaches to pedagogy. Importantly, it keeps the teacher at the heart of the students’ learning experience engaging all students, enabling increased attainment. Uniquely, it allows regular opportunities for teachers to update their own professional development through collaborative webinars."

5. This is officially the heaviest, shiniest award we have ever won. Thanks Bett!
Cue the music (Starship’s ‘Nothing’s gonna stop us now’ please) …

Read the official Bett Awards press release here

Please note: Prior to 21st March 2019, Vevox was formerly known as Meetoo.

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