What are the main learning technology challenges for 2019?

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Ben Waugh
by Ben Waugh
What are the main learning technology challenges for 2019?

Please note: Vevox was formerly known as Meetoo.
The Vevox team were hugely proud to be the audience engagement partner for the 2018 ALT conference and for Vevox to be used in the main theatre for live polling, Q&A, wordclouds, surveys and to increase audience participation and collaboration.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing is a key part of the ALT community, so it was great to see the Vevox App being used to enable digital learning staff from various universities to share ideas and feedback in real-time during sessions. We received great feedback from attendees of the conference that this had enhanced the experience for them and was a great addition to the conference.

One of the main features that seemed very popular with attendees and was mentioned a lot on social media was the Vevox wordclouds. Being able to see audience poll responses in real-time through this visualization certainly adds to the ‘wow’ factor of a presentation and grabs the attention of the audience. One of the wordcloud poll questions that was asked during the conference was “What are the biggest Learning Technology challenges for the academic year 2018/2019?”. All of the responses made a beautifully looking word cloud and it was quite insightful to see what Learning Technologist’s thought were the main challenges that they would face. We decided to write a blog on the top ten of these main challenges and dive deeper into what they could mean.

You can find the top ten list on the ALT blog here.

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