What is educational software? (And why you should be utilising it!)

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Sam Studd
by Sam Studd
What is educational software? (And why you should be utilising it!)
If you're a lecturer, there’s no doubt that it can be terribly difficult to keep your students engaged. It's not just young children who need to be entertained and fed with new information, so do University students!
The last thing they want is a boring lesson or lecture from the person in front of them – being spoken to at length with zero interactivity will not only leave students bored but also un-engaged.
That's where educational software comes in handy — it provides an opportunity for teachers to engage their students in ways that traditional methods cannot. This blog will outline what educational software is and share some examples of software you could be using in your teaching right now!

What is educational software?

Educational software is a term for any computer software that’s purpose is to be used within an educational setting. It used for a variety of reasons, including in-class education, interaction & as an avenue for students to ask questions to their lecturer that they may not be able to ask during the session – using software such as Vevox.

The benefits of using educational software include:
  • Increased student engagement: Educational software can help keep students engaged during sessions, through using interactive polls or minigames that are related to what they are learning in class. This type of activity will encourage them to learn more efficiently than just reading from a textbook would do on its own!
  • Better understanding of concepts: If your students are struggling with certain concepts, then this is an excellent way for you to reinforce those ideas before moving onto new ones so that everything stays fresh in their mind longer than just after the session.

Educational software examples

A few examples of some of the top rated educational software’s:
  • Canvas LMS: Canvas is an online based learning management system, that allows institutions to manage digital learning, in additional to allowing educators to both present and create effective learning materials. Canvas also allows for student assessment.
  • Vevox: Vevox is the #1 rated Polling and Q&A platform, that allows for fantastic student engagement in online, in-person and hybrid meetings & classes. 
  • Blackboard learn: Blackboard is a web based virtual learning platform for online teaching, community building, learning and knowledge sharing.

Keep it engaging

The best kind educational software is one that's engaging, relevant and practical.

The more interactive your software is, the more likely it is to engage students. Interactive programmes encourage collaboration between students and allow them to learn from each other. Additionally, this will also give them a sense of achievement when they complete tasks or solve problems successfully.

Beneficial for students & lecturers

Educational software has the potential to help students learn more effectively. Students can be engaged in the learning process, which means they are more likely to retain information and apply it in real life situations.

Educational software can also benefit lecturers by helping them improve the variety of their sessions. Teachers who use educational software have access to a wide range of resources that will help them engage with their students and teach them effectively, no matter the subject they're teaching.

Using educational software is a great way to improve your students' learning experience. It can be used as a supplement for traditional teaching methods, or even replace them entirely! With so many different options available today, it's easy to find something that fits into your teaching style and classroom environment perfectly.