Working with a robot...

Ben Waugh
by Ben Waugh
Working with a robot...

Pepper meets Vevox at Event Tech Live 2016

I have done my fair share of events and exhibitions, but this was my first event with a robot. It was one late afternoon that I received an unexpected phone call from Robots of London offering me a robot called Pepper for Event Tech Live. To my dismay, I thought: ‘Did I just have this phone call?’ Before I knew it, we were planning what we wanted the robot to say and do on our stand.

Hey there good looking’ was just one of Pepper’s remarks to those passing our Vevox stand. This cheeky little robot sparked lots of discussion at Event Tech Live and it was great to see people’s reactions. Pepper could dance, play the saxophone, sing and take photos (which have been uploaded to our Vevox Facebook page). However, the question we kept being asked was; ‘Is the robot a he or a she?’ Pepper was concluded to be a boy, despite many arguments that he could be a girl.  

Pepper was a great ambassador for our Vevox app and helped us have a very successful day. If you would like to see Pepper in action and the revolution of robots that could take over the world, click here.

All the Vevox and Lumi team thoroughly enjoyed Event Tech Live and we cannot wait for the next one. As well as Pepper being a clear favourite for Best Robot at Event Tech, we won an award that evening for 'Best Use of Technology for Analytics, Data Collection and Insight'.

Event Tech Live was a great opportunity for us to see what the future holds for technology within a range of different events, from conferences to music festivals. My personal highlight was seeing how Vevox transformed participants into engaged attendees within our speaker sessions. Not only did it allow them to be part of the experience and vote on polls that were raised during the sessions, but it allowed them to ask questions whenever they wanted through the messaging board and view other people’s comments and ideas.

See you at Event Tech next year,

Europe Marketing Coordinator