Improve the quality of your workplace feedback


The Vevox App makes it simple for you to get instant feedback from your workforce, whether you’re running a team meeting, a town hall or company wide all-hands meeting. Even employees working remotely can join in!

Live-polling with Vevox allows you to gather uninhibited, honest feedback within seconds, whilst also maximising employee engagement. Employees can also provide feedback or ask questions via Vevox’s Q&A feature. Moderation and anonymity settings allow you to stay in control and keep your meeting on track while still offering an open forum for staff to be heard. 

The best part? Vevox is so simple to use, just read our reviews! Create your first poll or survey in under a couple of minutes to find out what your staff are really thinking and increase employee engagement in the meeting room and beyond. Employees can vote on their smartphone or tablet via the Vevox app or on a computer with our web app. Whether in the room or joining remotely, employees everywhere can have a voice in your meetings.

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FREE Account

Sign up for your free business account for up to 1500 participants. No credit card or commitment is necessary. This account gives you the main features of Vevox including live polling, Q&A and word clouds. 

If you need to access more of the locked down features such as different polling types such as numeric polls, star rating or you need to download the reporting data, you’ll be able to switch to a plan that suits your needs once you’ve signed up. See all pricing plans here

Upgrade any time 

You can upgrade your account any time from your Vevox dashboard. Upgrading gives you more features including your report data, 24/7 support and resources to help you get up and running with Vevox.

If you’re running a one-off session with more participants than usual, we have customized plans to suit your needs, contact us for more information.