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Make your next class or meeting memorable with an interactive quiz  

Live quizzing is a fun and valuable way to create an engaging environment which will get everyone on the edge of their seats. No more yawning or unenthused audience members! 

Quizzing can also help you check knowledge retention with students or employees, by testing them on topics live in the moment. A leaderboard adds to the friendly competition and gets everyone motivated to participate and engage actively in learning. Put your audience to the test and use Vevox as your live quizzing app!

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Once you've signed up for a Vevox account, you can dive straight in and use any of our ready-made quizzes or use the templates to give you inspiration. With topics including Pop culture, Geography and STEM, we have a range of themed templates to help create your own quiz. Amp up the visual wow factor by choosing from one of our Present View templates as the background for your audience quiz. 

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