Pedagogy Education Series: Using Vevox for Icebreakers

Online Webinar

Join our monthly webinar series to hear from another guest presenter and educator where we will discussing methods, tips and advice for increasing student engagement in a virtual, face to face and hybrid class setting. 

This webinar is entitled: How much does a Polar Bear weigh? Enough to break the ice! Using Vevox for Icebreaker Activities. The webinar will explore the below: 
  • Methods, tactics and tips for using Vevox for icebreakers in the classroom
  • The challenges of icebreakers and advantages of Vevox
  • Sharing pratical examples of how Vevox can increase student engagement

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Bruce Wright - Lecturer
Guest Presenter

Bruce Wight is an Associate Lecturer, at Aberystwyth Business School/Ysgol Fusnes Aberystwyth (Aberystwyth University).

More about Bruce Wright's use of Vevox & the webinar:

Vevox for classroom development can be an effective mechanism for developing an ambience both virtually and in a face-to-face environment. The Vevox platform has developed a comfortable environment for students to be situated within where they can be creative and provide feedback.

Vevox Challenges for classroom icebreakers:
1.            How does one get students to utilise the digital platform?
2.            How can we develop a classroom environment using Vevox?
3.            What if student(s) forget a device to connect with?

To develop an environment where students feel they can engage and interact within, Vevox has been a useful tool to inspire engagement and keep those students’ attention towards the lecture materials and involved with active learning.

In this webinar, I’ll demonstrate how I’ve utilised Vevox in the classroom environment
a)            Getting student familiarised with the software
b)            Utilising it as a mechanism to get cohorts comfortable
c)            Developing an environment for all personality types

Examples of how to integrate these into one’s teaching are described, and practical examples are provided. Some case examples will be shown from lectures from Semester One Economics.

The advantages of Vevox:
1.            Having an anonymous platform for students to engage with
2.            Developing confidence in students’ abilities
3.            Lecturer ability to review cohorts’ progressions
4.            Building atmosphere and community within the classroom

In summary, if used in an appropriate manner, Vevox can be an extremely useful mechanism to get students to initially engaged in a lecture. It can be incredibly useful to develop an environment that all students are comfortable interacting within, which is useful for further developing your rapport to the students.

Event Details

  • Location
    Online Webinar
  • Date
    2pm, 21st September 2022