Speed Scoring with Vevox Quizzes

Give points for the fastest fingers when voting on quiz questions! 

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Boost competition  with speed scoring Boost competition  with speed scoring

Boost competition  with speed scoring

Fastest finger wins!

With Vevox's speed scoring feature, it's all about the fastest fingers and quick thinking in this competitive quiz environment. Participants will be motivated to answer questions swiftly, as points are awarded for those who are lightning-fast in responding.

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Scoring, multiple quiz types, music & more... 

Scoring, multiple quiz types, music & more... 

Make a truly entertaining quiz with Vevox 

Don't settle for ordinary quizzes. With Vevox's speed scoring feature, you can elevate the engagement, create a competitive atmosphere, and make your quiz sessions truly unforgettable. Get ready to amp up the excitement, challenge your participants, and make every second count. Discover the power of Vevox's speed scoring feature today and inject a dose of intensity into your quizzes.

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with an average score of 4.8 on multiple review platforms.

Vevox was the perfect system for us for a recent virtual charity event. It allowed us to create lots of interaction with quizzing, polling and a Q&A section which was ideal. The Vevox staff were also extremely helpful with any of our enquiring. The ability to brand the system was also fantastic and allowed us to give it a very slick look.

Michael McCourt Events Manager - Celtic FC Foundation

Real-time Quizzes FAQ's

Common questions

Vevox's Interactive Quiz allows you to create quizzes and polls that your audience can respond to using their mobile devices. The results are displayed in real-time, allowing you to gather valuable insights and adjust your presentation accordingly.

Yes you can change the appearance of the display by choosing colors, imagery, text, descriptions and much more! 

Yes, Vevox supports gamification features such as leaderboards and timers to make it a fun and engaging way to learn and test knowledge.

Yes, Vevox integrates seamlessly with a wide range of platforms and tools, including PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, LMS software so you can run quizzes easily in another platform. 

Yes, Vevox is suitable for educational purposes, enabling teachers and educators to engage with their students and test their knowledge in real-time. Thousands of Universities around the world use Vevox for assessments, live engagement and feedback in lectures. 

Vevox has a wide range of quiz poll types, including multiple choice questions, word clouds, text questions, numeric, pin on image, image polls, countdown polls. You can also use our AI quiz feature to generate polling questions in seconds!