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Learn why teachers at the University of Aveiro in Portugal are finding classes to be more motivating & engaging for students now they are using Vevox.

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University of Aveiro

Located in the Portuguese city of Aveiro, the University of Aveiro (Portuguese: Universidade de Aveiro) is a research and development University that has a student population of approximately 15,000.

Susana Caixinha is a technician in the Center for Teaching & Learning at the University and she is the administrator for their learning platform Moodle – Susana runs workshops for teachers at the University on how to use technologies such as Vevox.

Teachers are enjoying using the platform as it’s really easy to use – Vevox has been a great help for lecturers!

Susana Caixinha Technician - Centre for Teaching & Learning

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Why Vevox?

Lecturers at the University started using Vevox in the first semester of the current academic year and the main functionality that staff use is live polling during sessions, however the Q&A is also used to boost interactivity during sessions.
Susana says that lecturers who have been using Vevox really like using it and have found it super easy to use. The integration with PowerPoint is another feature that is really well appreciated by staff across the University.

Teachers have definitely found that classes are more motivating and engaging for students when Vevox is used

Boosted engagement

Lecturers have said that students really love using Vevox during classes as it keeps them involved and engaged with the topic being taught – the fact that Vevox is fully interactive and students can easily access through their personal devices is a big plus.

One particular polling type that is great for engagement and interactivity is the ranking poll – Susana says that these polls are widely used by staff and well liked by students as they bring a competitive yet fun element to sessions.

The teachers are really enjoying using the platform because it’s really easy to use. Vevox has been a great help for lecturers in this semester!

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