10 AI tools to revolutionize learning & classes

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Ben Waugh
by Ben Waugh
10 AI tools to revolutionize learning & classes

Artificial intelligence  (AI) has become a game-changer and a way of transforming various industries, including education. As technology advances quickly, educators are leveraging AI tools at the moment to enhance learning outcomes, to improve effciency and to create more engaging classroom experiences. In this article, we will explore 10 AI tools that are helping educators to improve student learning and create more interactive classes. 

1. Vevox's AI Quiz Generator

Vevox's AI quiz generator is a powerful tool that enables educators to create interactive quizzes effortlessly and with just a click of a button! With its advanced AI capabilities, it generates dynamic questions tailored to topics or sub-topics so you can really focus on what to test your students on. You can tailor an MCQ test or an interactive quiz around your topic but without having to manually create it yourself, or even program it! It's all there ready to run... the polls, correct answers, correct answer explanations, image and image descriptions. It takes all the manual work out and hours spent on creating the perfect quizzes for your classes! This tool helps to foster active participation and increases engagement by providing inspiration and fun quizzes. This way both educators and students can gauge the learning progress more effectively. 

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps students and educators to check their writing and reports. It checks for grammatical errors, suggests better vocabulary options, and provides clarity and conciseness suggestions. It is helping lecturers to be more efficient with reporting and for evaluating a lot of teaching content so there are no surprises with any writing or typo mistakes. Students can also enhance their writing by making use of Grammarly's real-time feedback and detailed explanations so you can learn live in the moment. 

3. Google Classroom

Google Classroom integrates AI to simplify classroom management and streamline communication between teachers and students. Its AI-powered features include automated grading, personalized content recommendations, intelligent scheduling, allowing educators to focus more on instruction and student support. This also give students the opportunities to learn more effectively in their own time and get instant feedback. 

4. MindMup

MindMup is an AI-driven mind-mapping tool extensively used in classrooms. It helps to organize thoughts and ideas visually, enabling better comprehension and retention. With features like automatic layout and smart linking, MindMup simplifies the process of creating mind maps live in the moment. 

5. Otter AI

Otter.ai is an AI transcription tool that automatically transcribes lectures in real-time, allowing lecturers to generate accurate transcripts effortlessly to share with students. This tool enables lecturers to focus on delivering their content while capturing valuable text-based resources for students to review and study. It can also be used to remind yourself of group discussions in lectures and thoughts or ideas that come up. It's your automated transcriber and own personal notetaker!

6. Hypothesis

Hypothesis is an AI-powered annotation tool that fosters collaboration and critical thinking. Lecturers can use this tool to create interactive reading assignments by embedding questions and prompts within course materials. Students can then engage in discussions and share annotations, effectively extending the classroom beyond traditional boundaries.

7. Duolingo

Duolingo, a widely acclaimed language-learning platform, employs AI algorithms to personalize the learning experience so it is more easier then ever to learn a new language or pick up phrases. With adaptive learning paths, intelligent reinforcement, and subtle reminders, Duolingo helps educators and students to grasp new languages effectively and use it practically in everyday life. 

8. Turnitin

Turnitin is an plagiarism detection tool that has AI built into so that it can help to uphold academic integrity. It compares students' work against an extensive database of academic content and AI platforms itself to highlight potential sources of plagiarism and promoting originality in student writing. It can detect AI writing from original human writing from scouring lots of databases across a network to pick up on non-original paragraphs and a lack of authentic writing.  

9. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is an AI-based computational knowledge engine that provides answers and explanations across a wide range of subjects. It serves as a handy tool for teachers and students alike, offering expert-level knowledge and supporting problem-solving activities. The pace at which it can unlock problem solving topics in lots of different subject areas like statistics, sciences, arts, history and transportation shows the power and flexibility of the tool. The tool is great for increasing knowledge retention, for testing your ability to create learning scenarios and demonstrating feedback in real-time. 

10. Class for Zoom

Class for Zoom is an AI-powered tool that integrates seamlessly with Zoom meetings. Lecturers can use this tool to manage their virtual classroom effectively. However it provides AI powered features such as automated attendance tracking, real-time engagement analytics and live learning tools such as interactive whiteboards. 

The progression of AI in lectures and classrooms

As education embraces the advancements of AI even more so, the use of AI will be more critical to learning process in all parts from self learning, peer learning to instructor-led learning. 

From AI quiz generators to plagiarism and trend feedback tools, each tool offers unique contributions to engage students, increase effeciency in the education world and promote interactive learning to drive knowledge retention. By leveraging these AI tools, educators can create an innovative, inclusive, and effective learning environment for students worldwide.

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