5 minutes with Vevox’s Product Manager on release day

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Dermott Madden
by Dermott Madden

What does this Vevox update mean to customers? I grabbed five minutes with the very busy Matt Kelly, Vevox product manager, on release day for a quick update:

Dermott (dm): Matt, you’re obviously passionate about the idea of our customers and users driving Vevox’s development , how do you gather and prioritise feedback?

Matt Kelly (mk): Hi Dermott… getting good data back from customers on how they use Vevox and how it could help them further is crucial to its success.  We have a group of stakeholders comprising users from many sectors, including business and education, plus our own staff working across the globe. These are constantly feeding back their thoughts and experiences to the product team
This means we can make sure everyone is getting good use out of any feature and it has been developed in the way they expected. We try to group together similar requests so we end up with features that benefit as many people as possible.
So prioritising is easy; we develop those features with the most requests first.

dm: So why should our customers be interested in this October 2016 update then?

mk: One message we were receiving loud and clear was that, increasingly, meeting moderators are using tablets or other touch screen devices. So we have revamped the user interface, making the management of these message boards much more user friendly and quicker, especially when using these devices. 
Those who use Vevox regularly know how easy it is – but when you don’t know this, it’s easy to feel daunted, especially if you’re trying to run a huge event at the same time. So we’ve also introduced a useful ‘getting started’ guide to make it even more straightforward.

dm: Now the question from almost all the customers and users that I speak to, and myself is… what’s next for Vevox?

mk: We’re certainly not short of ideas. Among the things we’re working on is a ‘correct answer’ feature to allow presenters to gauge how well their audience has understood a topic, a new short text poll and improvements to the ways we display and present information back to audiences.  That’s all I’m willing to divulge for now, but watch this space …

dm: I’ll let you get on it then... I can’t wait to see what it brings. You got my suggestion for voice control polling right?! Thanks again for taking time out today.

The latest update to Vevox was released on October 6th. As you’ve read above, we have even more exciting features and updates coming soon, so stay tuned by following us on Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest news.

Dermott Madden
Customer Success Manager
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