5 steps to running a morale boosting Virtual Pub Quiz!

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Peter Eyre
by Peter Eyre
5 steps to running a morale boosting Virtual Pub Quiz!

Connecting people, showing solidarity and having a bit of fun is more important than ever in the current climate. Pub quizzes have been providing friendly competition and an excuse to meet (and drink!) for years and handily they translate REALLY well to an online format to have an interactive quiz

On Friday we ran the first ‘Vevox Arms’ Pub Quiz- Now a permanent fixture, every Friday from 12.30pm to 1.15 for anyone to join for pints, puns and mental probing!!

Vevox arms live quizzing - virtual pub

So why not join us, or sign up for a free Vevox account to run your own?
Here’s how we do it…

1. Get them logged in

Our participants join the video call/webinar Via Zoom and on arrival are invited by our ‘Virtual landlord’ to access Vevox on any mobile device by going to Vevox.app and entering the Quiz ID (Some families all gathered around one screen but competed on their own phones and tablets).

zoom online quiz

2. Break the ice

A few polling questions at the start are not only a good warm up but a great way to gauge how people are feeling and build some rapport. We also invite everyone to tap in any jokes or comments on the Q&A board where they can be upvoted for viewing between rounds.

word cloud vevox live polling

3. Get tough!

Our Quizmaster gets down to business with 3 rounds of tough questions on anything from pop culture to Science to current affairs. Participants answer on their phones and can then instantly see the correct answer and results- cue some brilliant on screen reactions as people start to get competitive!

competitive quiz - live polling app

4. Chat and joke between rounds

Between each round we take the jokes from the top (The participants upvote the most popular ones to the top by ‘Liking’ them in the Vevox app).

Vevox quiz - jokes in Q&A

5. Results reveal

After each round we share the scores so far, then after three rounds, we announce our winner!

Bonus step… Get feedback…

Did anyone enjoy it? Would they recommend it to others? How could it be improved? The beauty of using an anonymous app like Vevox is you can get honest answers to these questions. We post a short digital survey with the Vevox app and encourage participants to complete it before they do anything else.

poll for feedback during quiz

Like to join us for the next one? Send us a message. Like to run your own quiz? sign up for a Free Vevox account here

Sign up for a free Vevox account