Autumn 2020 - Product update

Product Updates

Autumn 2020 - Product update

There might not be huge gatherings at public bonfires and fireworks displays in the UK this year to celebrate the failure of Guy Fawkes’ famous Gunpowder plot, but in this latest Vevox update on 16th November, we’re bringing you some sparkly new additions to make you ohh and ahh – sorry, we couldn’t resist! 

Let’s get into the details: 

Dashboard delights 

The Vevox dashboard is the main control hub for anyone setting up or running a Vevox session, so it is vitally important for this area to be easy to navigate, as well as nice to look at! 

The dashboard layout and functional design is something we’ve been focussing on over the past few months, and in this latest update you’ll notice that the dashboard area is much cleaner and clearer, but still easy on the eye. 

All the usual dashboard functionality remains, we’ve just given things a sleeker look and (hopefully you’ll agree) made things easier to use.  

A quick summary of what’s changed: 

​Polling - we’ve simplified the polling creation window – all your polling options are now available to select from a simple drop-down menu. 

Q&A – when your Q&A board is empty, as the organiser/presenter you’ll be prompted to kick start the conversation with your own message or use one of our suggested ‘conversation starters.’ 

Present view – If you want a simple way to look pro running online sessions, then Present view is it!

Rather than show your participants your private dashboard view (even though it looks fabulous!) or switch between browser windows, a better experience all round, is to use Present view – the all-in-one display AND control panel for polling and Q&A. In the top right-hand corner of the dashboard, you’ll see a thumbnail mirror image of what the Present view display looks like, live in the moment.  

With the click of a button you can choose to present full screen in your current window, open Present view in a new tab, or choose to share the Present view link with someone else – perfect for online or hybrid meetings or classes, and times when a second pair of eyes and hands are needed. 

Surveys – As you know we’re always asking for your feedback. You told us that you wanted to have the option to edit a survey after it has been started and we have taken that on board, and now you can! Maybe you noticed a typo or need to add more instructional text, or even add in a question – now you can edit as you wish.  

Settings – Session options, as well as customisation options, are now all in one place. Whether you're looking to change your session settings, add logos and theming to the participant app and Present view, or add a co-host, you’ll find all these options in the main settings menu on the left-hand side of the dashboard.  

Help & resources – Providing 5-star support is one of the things we’re well known for, and now you can easily navigate to our help center and find our webinars and videos from the main dashboard menu. Don’t like searching help sites? Tell the Voxbot what you are looking for and let it do the searching. Of course, if you want to speak to a real person though, just drop us a line.  

Data & reporting – If you want to dig into the data after your Vevox session, then you’ll love what we’ve done here – and it’s not just about looks. Once you have run your session, you’ll now see tabs on the data view which allow you to see key statistics about your session.

You can still choose to download this data as a set of images and export the raw data as an excel file, but now you can also share this data page by sending someone a link. As you know by now, we are very security conscious, so this link is view only, and does not give access to anyone to see or control anything else in your Vevox account.  

Updated technology - Something that you can’t see, but that is really important for the future development of Vevox, is that the dashboard is now using updated technology behind the scenes.

We strive to keep up with the latest technology and new ways of doing things as web technology constantly develops. Staying up to date helps us provide the best user experience with the aid of the latest in development tools.

Our new dashboard interface has been completely redeveloped and puts us in a great position to continue to evolve and keep even more awesome updates coming in the future. 

Fabulous new features 

We do like to bring you something new every now and then and, in this release, we’re launching not one, but TWO new question types – the XY plot and the image-based question.

These two new question types will only be available to customers who are on any of our paid subscriptions. With a paid subscription starting from just £5 a month (on an education individual plan) or less than a daily coffee (on a workplace individual plan) why not check out all the other benefits of a paid subscription?

XY plot (aka Scatter chart) question type – a heavily requested feature from our enterprise customers, the XY plot question type is typically used for risk assessment, impact analysis, or any situation where you need to see the relationship between two data points. 

Image based question type – If we could see some of you reading this now, we bet you’d be doing a happy dance in your seat. We KNOW that this question type will be making lots of you very happy and it makes us very happy too, we’ve certainly had fun testing it!  

With the new update you’ll be able to upload and include an image in your question and participants will be able to see this image on their devices. This question type can be used in so many different scenarios, but there’s more… if you don’t have any images of your own for your questions, we now also have a built-in library of licensed images through Unsplash.

Let your creativity go wild, we can’t wait to see how you use this question type. If you upload any photos of your picture polling on Twitter, please do tag us @Vevoxapp as we’d love to see them. 

How do I find out more? 

Want to find out what’s coming in this release and get a teaser for what’s coming in the future? Watch our 'What's New, What's Next webinar recording.

Whilst the new dashboard is similar in layout to the existing one, 
we highly recommend watching the replay and ensuring you log in and familiarise yourself with the updates before your first scheduled meeting or class.  

Not got a free account? 

Our free plan offers the best value of any other polling and Q&A app out there, so if you haven’t signed up yet – what are you waiting for? If you’ve got questions about whether Vevox is right for you then book a no-obligation demo with one of our brilliant customer success team and they’ll show you behind the scenes and answer any of your questions.