Poll Everywhere Vs Vevox

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Peter Eyre
by Peter Eyre
Poll Everywhere Vs Vevox
Poll Everywhere Vs Vevox

Poll Everywhere is probably the best known classroom response system in the US, having over a decade ago led the revolution away from Turning Technologies (Now Echo 360) student response ‘Clickers’ to cloud based solutions allowing students to use their own mobile devices to respond to polls, quizzes and Q&A in classes.
Several audience response system players have emerged in the following years specializing in different areas of education and training. These include the likes of Vevox who have been growing in popularity with educational institutions due to their focus on LMS integrations and features catering to the needs of higher education users. So how does Vevox stack up against the market pioneering Poll Everywhere according to leading software review sites?

Audience response market (for Education and Business use) overview according to G2:
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The leading review sites allow you to see not only the number of reviews and overall ratings but detailed breakdowns of how providers compare in terms of features, services and areas of specialization.

For direct comparisons between Poll Everywhere and Vevox click the images or links below to see the current scores and breakdowns directly on the review sites in a new window.

Poll Everywhere Vs Vevox on G2
Poll Everywhere Vs Vevox on Capterra
Poll Everywhere Vs Vevox on GetApp
Poll Everywhere Vs Vevox on Software Advice
Vevox service reviews on Trustpilot (Poll everywhere not on site)

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