Product update: AI Quiz Question Creation now FREE in all Vevox plans

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Peter Eyre
by Peter Eyre
Product update: AI Quiz Question Creation now FREE in all Vevox plans

From July 10th 2023 ALL Vevox plans will have AI assisted quiz question generation included*

Ask anyone what the toughest part of setting up an interactive quiz, meeting or class is... It's coming up with NEW questions to ask and inputting them into the system.  

Well, Vevox’s AI Quiz (integrated seamlessly within your Vevox dashboard) does all that for you…

The new AI Quiz feature from Vevox, driven by an integration with Open AI's ChatGPT has been put though it's paces for several months now. Firstly by a select user group of Educators and Presenters and then by a large group of early adopters who applied for early access...

The feedback has been FANTASTIC!.

This feature is in continuous development, and already proved incredibly helpful in saving time and providing inspiration for presenters and educators. We have therefore decided to grant all users open access for the next 3 months, while we continue to gather feedback and evolve the feature further (*Offer closes 9th October 2023. Details of which Vevox plans will continue to have access after that time will be shared ahead of the offer close date.)

How to get access to the feature:

You don't need to do anything to get it! From the 10th July 2023 AI Quiz will be ready to use in the 'Polls' and 'Surveys' sections of your Vevox Dashboard. Please do ensure you click the 'Read before first use' link before generating your first quiz questions. (Please note if you cannot see 'AI Quiz' in your dashboard your organisation will have opted out of having this feature.) 
Further details and FAQs are availabale on our help site
Here’s how it works: 

Users with AI Quiz simply input a subject or theme, and at the click of a button create as many AI generated questions as they like, directly in their Vevox dashboard.  

These ready to poll AI generated questions include titles, multiple choice options, correct answers and correct answer explanations. They can be edited if required and polled ‘live’ instantly. 

Prefer to run survey style self-paced quizzes? Vevox AI quiz is also embedded in the ‘Survey’ section of the Vevox dashboard. 

No research, no data entry. Just an endless supply of fresh question content on literally ANY subject. 

(Note: Vevox reserves the right to change the AI Quiz feature or the terms of it's use at any time.)