Vevox Product Update March 2024

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Kristina Ridgway
by Kristina Ridgway
Vevox Product Update March 2024

It’s been a couple of months since Vevox’s last product update, and with the winter season drawing to a close and Spring over the horizon, it’s time for you to see what's been in the works. You’ll be pleased to see some highly requested updates coming to Vevox dashboards on March 25th 2024 that are guaranteed to put a Spring in your step!

Let’s jump straight into the good stuff, the details of the product release, and most importantly, why it will benefit you. 

What’s included in this release? 

Release date: March 25th 2024 
Whats new: 
  • Speed scoring & tiebreaker 

  • Personal question library

  • PowerPoint Add-in improvements

  • Minor updates and usability improvements to the user interface/product dashboard

Who's it for?

This release benefits ALL Vevox users, but the fastest finger polling feature is only available on Presenter, Pro, Enterprise and Institution Plans. 

Speed Scoring & Tiebreaker 

Introducing the eagerly awaited 'speed scoring' polling feature – your ultimate tiebreaker! Picture those instances when you needed a clear winner but are faced with multiple contenders for the top spot and found no easy way to decide. With this new feature, making decisions becomes a breeze, ensuring you always have a definitive winner right at your fingertips.

Speed scoring is a super easy, effective and versatile feature that can work in two ways, giving you the freedom to present with a whole new level of confidence.

Option 1: Run speed scoring throughout your session 

Speed scoring can be switched on in your settings before you start your session, and the results are displayed for all to see. You will be able to clearly gauge how quickly your audience are responding to each poll you run, by viewing the 3 fastest times to answer correctly, as well as the average response time. Participants will also be able to see their individual response speeds in the participant app. 

Option 2: Tiebreaker Flip

Even if you’ve run a quiz without turning on speed scoring in your settings and have multiple people in first place, you’ll be able to make the most of this awesome feature. Simply hit the ‘speed leaderboard’ button in present view, and the fastest times of those in the #1 spot will appear – giving you ultimate clarity, and your definitive winner. 

Previous Question Library 

Reduce and simplify your prep time with this new feature. From March 25th 2024 all Vevox users will be able to begin creating their own personal question library within your Vevox account, that you can reuse in another session with ease.

Any poll or survey questions you create will now be automatically saved into your personal library, saving you time and effort. Gone are the days where you have to hunt for a question in previous sessions or create your polls from scratch; your question history will be there waiting for you in the drop-down tab next to the ‘create new’ poll button.

PowerPoint Add-in Improvements

Due for release April 9th 2024, the Office 365 PowerPoint Add-in is getting some key updates to further improve accessibility, user experience, and make polling in PowerPoint more seamless than before. 

Vevox’s new speed scoring feature, as well as the inclusion of mean, median and mode in numeric polls will be available in the PowerPoint add-in. It will also be possible to move or resize the ‘join a session’ QR code on the instruction slide and include images in question titles. Read a high-level summary of the release on the Vevox helpsite.

Please note: these updates are only in the new Office 365 PowerPoint Add-in, customers still using the old legacy add-in will not see these updates.

Minor Updates and Improvements 

These small but valuable tweaks have been made to the Vevox User Interface to further improve accessibility and the user experience. Most of these changes will not be noticeable when you log in – but there are a couple of changes that you may spot and are worth mentioning!  

  • Descriptions have been added to poll types when creating a poll to clarify and help new users understand each poll type 

  • Dark mode has been enabled for both the participant app and admin dashboard 

  • You can now re-order choices when creating multiple choice, ranking and XY plot questions 

  • The 'place choices on an image' question option has moved from the multichoice question to a sub type of the pin-on-image question type 
  • ​​​​​​Join our Spring product update webinar on April 11th 2024 at 3pm UTC, to see the updates in action! Register here
  • View a high-level summary of the product updates coming March 25th 2024 on our helpsite.
  • Download the Office 365 PowerPoint Add-in here