Vevox's 'Back to School' late summer product update

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Vevox's 'Back to School' late summer product update

Whether you've been lucky enough to grab some time away from work this summer, spent it at home with the family, or been one of the faithful few at work in the scorching heat, you'll be pleased to know that we've got a treat in store for you.

Since our last product update in June, the product and development teams in Finland and the UK have been busy working on some new features and enhancements to Vevox, ready for 'Back to School' this September.

If you missed it, watch the 'What's New' webinar recording.
Please note: Prior to 21st March 2019, Vevox was formerly known as Meetoo. All information in this webinar recording was accurate at the time of recording. 

Let's dive straight in...

Increased data insights

One of the benefits of running a Vevox session is the ability to download your session report and take a closer look at the data, whether that be the breakdown of the responses to multiple choice polls, what questions people asked during the Q&A or the average star rating for your session. One of the huge benefits of using Vevox is being able to get visibility on how well your session has been received and how engaged your audience have been. In this latest update to the Vevox dashboard we have added some functionality to the Data tab to allow you to see a visual representation of some key participation metrics.

We hope these dials will enable users to check their session stats 'at a glance' and will support the evidence that Vevox provides real value. Take a look at the stats after your next Vevox session and let us know what you think by dropping us a line on

From poll to survey...and back again 

Have you started creating individual polls and then realised they might have been more effective as a survey? Have you run a survey that gave you new insights but you now want to ask some of these questions as individual polls in a session with another group? You're not alone...and we've provided the solution.

In your Vevox dashboard you can now export poll questions from your meeting and import these questions into a Vevox survey...and vice versa! We're already feeling the benefit of this latest piece of development wizardry at Vevox HQ, so try it out and tell let us know how you get on. Is there anything we could do to improve this new feature? Tell us your ideas by emailing

Instant support directly from your dashboard 

Many people choose to use Vevox due to our first-class customer service and support, but we are always looking for ways to improve in line with our customer’s needs. If Vevox users need to get in touch with us, they can reach us by email, phone and live chat and all the details are available on the contact us page on our website. To make getting in touch with us even easier we decided to add our live chat function to the Vevox dashboard, meaning if you're stuck, you can get help ASAP.

Our live chat is manned by real people who are members of the Vevox team, so when you start a chat with us you're getting straight through to someone who can listen and answer your queries or escalate any issues to our technical support team. We know that the use of chat bots is on the rise and it’s a point of discussion here at Vevox...what's your opinion on chat bots for initial online support?

Presentation view

In our last product update in June we launched Presentation view BETA. We're continuing to develop this audience display feature but so far the feedback from users has been fantastic. We're not quite ready to drop the BETA tag just yet but keep your eyes peeled. We're continuing to make optimizations with each product update so if you'd like to share your experience of presentation view then send an email to

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