Vevox update - December 2019

Product Updates

Sophie Thomas
by Sophie Thomas
Vevox update - December 2019

We’ve made a list…and checked it twice…

Christmas lyrics aside, our last update to Vevox was definitely nice and saw an update to the PowerPoint add-in and we unveiled a smart new look Present View. In this update due on the 12th December, the focus has been on making minor tweaks that will make a subtle, but hugely positive impact on user experience.

Let’s get cracking…

Value Every Voice

More recently, there has been an increasing focus for educators and internal comms professionals to provide a platform to hear every voice, and now hand in hand with that, we are placing importance on making Vevox an accessible platform for all users, regardless of ability.

Our product development team are now reviewing each development task with accessibility in mind, so that Vevox has accessibility ‘built in’. In this latest product update, we have made accessibility improvements to our web app for participants and we are currently working towards conforming to WCAG 2.1 AA standard. You can read our accessibility statement here. 

More space to listen

Our open text poll type has been popular since day one. Using them standalone, or as part of a survey is a great way to gather more in-depth feedback, so with this in mind we have increased the character limit for the response field to 2000 characters, to allow your participants to really express themselves.

Wonderful word clouds

Another star feature is our word cloud poll type, which you all seem to love. With more Vevox users confidently using word clouds, and with larger audiences, we’ve fine-tuned the way your word cloud responses appear.

When using Present View, the word cloud builds dynamically as your participants send in their responses. To make the viewing experience even smoother, we have adjusted the rate at which the word cloud responses display on screen, perfect for capturing a high volume of responses and creating word clouds that everyone loves to share in reports and on social media.

An offer you can't refuse

Since September we have been running a complimentary upgrade offer for all our education customers that already have, or sign up for, a free education plan until the end of December 2019. These customers have been able to use the word cloud poll type, usually only available on our Individual and Institutional education plans.

We’ve have had so much positive feedback that we are now including the word cloud poll type in the free education plan as standard. There’s a whole lotta love for word clouds, so as of 12th December you can use this poll type to your heart’s content!

We love to see your word clouds, so if you choose to share them on social media, do tag us using @Vevoxapp on Twitter and we’ll be sure to share them too. If you’re looking for word cloud inspiration then check out our blog 6 effective ways to use word clouds to increase engagement.

Enterprise engineering

With more and more large organisations adopting Vevox company-wide, the introduction of Single Sign On (SSO) and email domain recognition has been invaluable to those responsible for managing safe and secure access to their organisations Vevox account.

In this update we have now also added the ability for account administrators to invite colleagues to access their Vevox account using SSO or email domain recognition. Getting access to Vevox is now even safer...and more straightforward.

Resource reminder

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