Why holding strong values is crucial to a cohesive company culture

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Joe Probert
by Joe Probert
Why holding strong values is crucial to a cohesive company culture
We’ve got three new starters in our US team (well, relatively new - they’re all a month in already!) 

Last week we sat down as an entire education team to have a chat about our company values and how they translate into behaviors both internally with each other and colleagues, but also externally with our customers. 

As an organization, we decided a long time ago that we wanted to define what values we held as a company and what made working for Vevox so great - and those values have guided us since. But what I like about sitting down as a whole team of colleagues, particularly with new ones, is talking about how those values become more than just slogans written on the wall. Incidentally, they are all written on the wall at Vevox HQ, and they look awesome! 

So, I wanted to share what our values are and how we as an education team think they translate into the way we treat each other and our customers: 

Create a positive experience 

At Vevox, we pride ourselves on our friendliness and approachability. Whether it’s a new team member walking through the door or an old customer getting in touch, we’re committed to creating a positive experience for everyone we connect with. For us as a team who almost all work remotely now, this means having regular catch ups and wellness checks – as well as shouting about each other's successes and making time to meet up in person where possible.  

With our customers, we want to be reliable and consistent as well as honest. We all strongly feel that being authentic and friendly with people is very important. 

Build and Show Trust 

We know that being trusted takes continuous effort and time, and we consistently look to build longstanding and trusted relationships with our customers. The trust we have in each other as team members is also key and we’re all responsible for maintaining that.  

This means sticking to deadlines, and advising honestly and early if those can’t be met. It means being available on time for meetings and open to sharing our mistakes and failures with each other. 

Learn, adapt and improve 

We’re always looking at ways to improve and stay ahead of the game. It’s in our nature at Vevox to be flexible and open-minded and as a team, we’re always asking questions - whether that be of each other or being curious about what our customers are up to.  

The customer success group within the education team are also the #1 advocates and champions for their customers internally at Vevox. We share what we learn with our product team to try to constantly improve the product – helping to ensure our customers have a better experience. 

Go Further  

Consistently achieving the very best comes from us being ambitious, driven and focused on the right things. We’re determined to succeed and motivated to keep going, even if it gets difficult. 

Our team said that being curious and proactive was their best way of living this value out. Putting on webinars, attending conferences and events as well as running a user community for our customers were also shared. 

Listen with Respect 

We believe that everyones voice, no matter how quiet, deserves to be heard. It’s really at the heart of what Vevox is as a product and organization – we value every voice. 

It’s why we use our own product in internal meetings, as good ideas and opinions can come from anywhere. Everyone has a part to play in this, so Vevox the product allows everyone to submit their ideas and thoughts anonymously and freely during our town halls, team meetings and weekly monday morning standups. 

So, that’s how we try to make those values a living and breathing experience while working for Vevox. I love it when we have new people join the company and we go through these, as more often than not, they say that all of these shine through in everyone.