Engage your students and increase participation with the Vevox app. If you're looking for a simple, speedy and secure way to increase student participation, it has never been easier. 

Vevox’s accessibility and patented technologies place an advanced, robust and secure live polling and Q&A tool in everyone’s pocket. ​Whatever the situation, the risks of being the one to put your hand up – or asking for a ‘show of hands’ can now be eliminated, and for every lecture all viewpoints questions now receive consideration. ​

With the use of moderated and anonymous Q&A, even shy students can contribute their opinions through the use of their own mobile phone, tablet or laptop. You can even test how much your students have learnt with our correct answer polling feature. Is PowerPoint important to you? Then run Vevox's polling directly WITHIN your presentation with the PowerPoint integration. Instant student responses and feedback at your fingertips. Why not try the the highest independently rated Student Response System (SRS) on the market, just read the reviews!   

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About Vevox 

Vevox works by engaging students with a device they already carry in their pocket - their mobile phone! Simple, safe and secure, connecting to a Vevox session takes just seconds, using a 9 digit meeting ID which is shared by the organiser of the session. Once connected, the audience can start engaging immediately. Find out how the audience engagement app works through this video.

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Guides and tips for using a student response system

The benefits of student response systems

This guide gives you all the information you need if you're looking for a classroom response system and wanting to understand the benefits it can have on student success.
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3 decision making tips when choosing an SRS tool

It's important to assess your overall criteria and break this down into manageable sub sections to make it easier for you to make a decision. Here are 3 areas to consider during the decision-making process. 

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Clickers to the cloud: Student Response Systems

In this guide we will share practical steps and tips for switching from clicker-based response systems to Vevox (a cloud-based and mobile response system).

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