5 ways to maximise the value of your FREE Vevox account

Peter Eyre
by Peter Eyre
5 ways to maximise the value of your FREE Vevox account

The Vevox Free Business Account allows you to include interactive Q&A, live polling and audience generated words clouds in your meetings instantly. From a set up perspective, it's super simple. Find out all you need to know on how to get your hands on a free account, how to use it and what the license allows in this article here. 

Ready to make your first meetings interactive? Then read on for our top 5 tips for getting the most out of a FREE Vevox account…

1. Don’t put it off

Is there a meeting you would like to improve? Perhaps one where:

  • Q&A has been short on time or audience contributions.
  • You suspect people feel fearful or embarrassed to contribute honestly in front of their colleagues or leadership team. 
  • You would like to measure understanding or the value of the meeting itself?
  • It’s usually just a bit boring!

Employee comms meetings like town halls, all hands meetings and conferences are some of the most common meeting types that Vevox helps and are very easy to implement it in.

Tip: Having a goal for what you would like to improve or learn from a meeting will help you decide which feature(s) to try first.

2. Start simple

If maximum reward for minimum effort sounds good, then the Q&A board is the feature for you! For an engaging Q&A session with no awkward silences, simply ask your audience to contribute their questions at any point through the Vevox app on their phone and devices and to ‘Like’ any others they would like to see answered.

Internal Comms Meeting via live Q&A app

By default Q&A is up and running, clicking on ‘Present’ shows joining instructions as well as the incoming questions. It even sorts them to the show the most popular at the top. Not enough time to answer them all? No problem, they’re all stored for you to answer through another communication channels such as a newsletter or in a future meeting.

Live Q&A on present view screen

Tip: For the ‘pro’ look, go to ‘theme customization’ in the present view menu to add your own logo and colour scheme in just a few clicks. 

3. Break the ice with a cloud!

Word clouds are a huge crowd pleaser and make perfect meeting ice breakers. They also provide you with an impressive graphic to use in post meeting reporting or for social sharing. It is one of Vevox’s most popular features and it's making meetings more inclusive, engaging and it's very simple to set up.

Generate Word Cloud Polling with Vevox

Tip: Make the welcome screen to your meeting a ‘live’ updating word cloud. As attendees arrive, they join and contribute to it, meaning they are engaged before the meeting even starts.

4. Live polls

Check knowledge, understanding or opinion by running live polls. The multichoice poll format allows you to pose a question to the audience and with a list of possible responses to choose from. The questions and responses are displayed back to their devices, so no need to see another screen. Fantastic for engaging equally with employees attending in person or remotely. Read more here.

Live polling on present view screen

Tip: Not sure what to ask or how to word your questions? Vevox includes a bank of premade questions to import and use, or adapt for your needs.

5. Measure engagement 

Click on the data tab in your account dashboard for an overview of engagement in your meeting session and images for the polls and data you have collected.

 Engagement report data in Vevox free account


Tip: Ask the same question(s) in regular meetings to help benchmark and compare responses. Fantastic for a regular ‘temperature check’ of the business, department or team. 

Live poll on mobile phone - live audience polling app

Not sure where to start or got a technical question? The Vevox customer Success team are HERE to help. Our friendly team’s second to none support is one of the things we’re best known for… Read the reviews.

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