Vevox Product Update December 2023

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Sam Studd
by Sam Studd
Vevox Product Update December 2023

Santa is dropping some presents in Vevox dashboards this December!  

It’s the beginning of the festive season and Vevox are acting as Santa with a present from us to YOU, our users – a super exciting new product update!  

These updates are now LIVE in all Vevox dashboards! As always, the Vevox elves have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to get everything ready for this release, and we’ve got some extremely exciting new features that we're so happy to share! 

Of course, this release follows our recent September product update which saw some important improvements to both session and user management. These improvements have made using Vevox a much more streamlined experience and we’ve received a fantastic response to the improvements from our users.  

Thank you for your continual feedback, it’s brilliant to hear all of the amazing success stories that our users are having using Vevox! 

Here’s what’s included in this release & the essential information that you need to know:  
  • Release date: 4th December 
  • Key features: Various improvements to the participant experience, more control over data for presenters & further accessibility upgrades 
  • Who’s it for? ALL plans are getting an upgrade with this one!
Improvements for participants 

A big focus for this update has been looking at the participant experience and making improvements to frustrations surrounding inconsistencies between the experience in the dashboard and present view. As a result, we are now aligning the participant app experience with that of present view, bringing these new features to the fore… 
  • Correct answer explanations in quiz questions: As the correct answer is revealed participants will now be able to see an explanation for the correct answer in app, bringing this in line with present view
  • Real time results: Watch poll results come in LIVE – even in word clouds!
  • Countdown timer: The addition of the countdown timer brings the app polling experience in line with present view. Participants are able to see how long they have to answer on their own device

One of the key benefits with the introduction of these features is consistency – no matter the device participants are using, they will be seeing same things, regardless of whether they have navigated to Vevox through a URL, or the app.

Accessibility has also been improved as there will now be less reliance on seeing the main screen, whether in person or online – the app will now have all of the essential info you’ll need to see! 

Product Manager Matt Kelly explains:  

These updates really enhance the participant experience to make the way you choose to run your sessions even more versatile.  If you choose to run your sessions through Microsoft Teams, in a room with everyone able to look at one screen or completely remotely where you aren't able to show our Present view to your participants, the app experience now offers a more consistent experience where the availability of features won't impact how you decide to run your session. 

Countdown timer audio options 

Leading on as another well requested addition further to the countdown timer itself, is the introduction of countdown timer sounds. As the countdown timer plays, you’ll now be able to energise those quieter moments while participants are inputting their answers with a bit of background music.

Simple to use and with several audio tracks available, presenters can provide an instantly more engaging experience.  

Product Manager Matt Kelly adds:  

Whenever you have a timer set for your polls a countdown timer can be automatically set to play along in the background to ease the awkwardness of dead air or jazz up your quizzes. This is something we've been wanting to introduce for a while and it's only the start, we'd love to hear your feedback on how it works for you and other ways you can think of to bring about more improvements. 

Instant analysis on numeric polls 

A small but much requested addition being introduced in this update is the inclusion to optionally see the mode and median average response in a numerical poll.  

On this feature, Product Manager Matt Kelly adds: 

Continuing the improvement theme, one of the smaller but common requests we've had particularly when using Vevox for education in scientific or mathematical environments is some versatility around displaying averages for numeric response questions.  We've always shown the mean average of responses for numerical polls but now we bring in the ability to display the mode and median averages too, any combination of them or not at all.

One click downloading of ALL images from the data section 

Good news for sharing results and building reports, you can now easily download all result images from your data in one zip file, rather than having to do it individually for each one.  

This follows on from our previous release where we added session histories – allowing you the ability to retain the raw data reports and images from sessions after clearing the data.

AI Quiz changes

Our all-new AI Quiz generator has proven extremely popular and we're so pleased that our users are enjoying using the feature.

We're making some changes to the limitations of this feature: 
  • Free and Starter plans: Now limited to 20 AI quiz questions, upgrade for unlimited access
  • Presenter, Pro, Enterprise and Institution plans: Unlimited AI Quiz access

More information and latest news

Make sure to visit our helpsite for further information on all of the new features and improvements. Also, you can ensure that you stay up to date with all things Vevox by following us on our social accounts, and subscribing to our monthly newsletter!  

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