bp are an integrated energy company with operations in Europe, North and South America, Australasia, Asia and Africa. Andrew Carne, Workplace Procurement Advisor – Events and Collaboration, shares the motivations for, and employee reaction to, an Enterprise roll out of Vevox.

In this Q&A interview with Andrew, learn how bp, a global business, have used Vevox to enhance their 'speak up' culture to empower their employees and their leaders.

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We already have a strong speak-up culture... We wanted to improve our ability to hear every voice, whether that be an opinion or a question. This empowers our employees, but also our leaders too, by being able to truly understand their team’s sentiment on any given subject.

Andrew Workplace Procurement Advisor – Events and Collaboration - bp

Why did you choose to make Vevox available organisation wide?  

We had already ran an 18 month transformation towards digital for our meetings and events programme (we call My Event), however, we felt something was missing. The next piece of the jigsaw was a tool to enable authentic and inclusive interaction across all types of meetings and events, not just our larger events, that is simple and cost effective to use.  

The ability to have a white labelled participant app meant I also had another tool to help drive greater awareness of the whole My Event programme within bp. 

Employees across the organisation were already using a variety of similar tools which had grown organically across the business. We had no top down approach – which meant little governance, and no structured deployment or support. We simply needed to formalise our chosen solutions and work with a tech partner that could support us in all these areas.   

How does Vevox help bp employees?

At bp we already have a strong speak-up culture across all that we do, especially when related to health, safety, and security, however we can always be better – especially when focused on the more day to day. Therefore, quite simply we wanted to improve our ability to hear every voice, whether that be an opinion or a question. This empowers our employees, but also our leaders too, by being able to better read the room and truly understand their team’s sentiment on any given subject. 

What’s the reaction been like within the business?

It has been well adopted across all areas of the organization and everyone enjoys using it. We have many users in our Communications and Advocacy team, but also plenty across Learning and Development and our wider People and Culture entity.  

Our organization has used it to help measure sentiment amongst our employees in a time of unprecedented change both internally and externally  

As a Vevox user yourself do you have any tips you could share? 

Start simple and build upon your knowledge.  A good starting point is to simply ask whether a standard meeting (live or virtual) requires anonymous Q&A. Moving on, then polls can be included and then you can start moving through the gears to PowerPoint add-ons, quizzes with leader boards, concurrent session running and more.  Simple is powerful still however.  

How have you measured the success of the Vevox roll out? 

By the amount of hosts signing up for an account. In the first 3 months of launch we had over 600 users sign up. A good measure of success is also the diversity within the user base too – showing that all parts of our company are finding a central tool extremely useful. 

Which features are most useful and why?

Both the polling and messaging have been incredibly popular. People are more likely to share their views openly if it is totally anonymous. We are finding a significant increase in questions submitted via Vevox against other internal systems, where attendees can be identified.  

Could you imagine running these meetings without Vevox now?

No, it’s become an integral part of how our business runs meetings. 

What is the best things about using Vevox?

The simplicity of the platform and customer service whenever our staff do need help. The onboarding programme delivered by Louis and Charlotte has been amazing.